KeKe Soaps benefits the National Bullying Prevention Center!

About KeKe

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Hi! My name is Kealie and the inspiration behind KeKe Soaps. I’m 15 years old, attend the Arkansas Virtual Academy, and receive my strong entrepreneurial spirit from my Mom! When not creating handmade soaps and bath products, I dive into expressing myself through another passion of mine – ART! I love drawing, painting, and photography.

Beginning KeKe Soaps has been an exciting adventure so far and with the help and support of both of my parents, I continue to educate myself and grow my passion. So, thank you, for visiting and wanting to learn more about KeKe Soaps.

Supporting Our Community

Starting in the fourth grade, I was bullied almost daily by a small group of girls. It started on the playground during recess, and spread quickly to anytime a teacher wasn’t looking. Bullying followed me from school to the school bus where I was tormented by the older high school kids. My Mom realized something was up when I started coming home everyday from school crying and then would go straight to bed. I wouldn’t eat, I was always sad, and always afraid.

My Mom battled back by contacting my teacher and when that didn’t work, she continued up the ladder to the Principal and the Superintendent. When she realized nothing was going to be resolved, my Mom transferred me to a safe school alternative, Arkansas Virtual Academy through K12. It is through this experience that I have truly learned to love each individual as they are. We are all unique, just as the handmade soap that I make.

As a way to help those that have been, and continue to be, bullied, my Mom and I have partnered with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. A portion of every purchase made through the KeKe Soaps shop will go to support this worthy organization.  You can learn more about PACER’s bullying prevention efforts through visiting their websites: PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and PACER’s Center Teens Against Bullying.

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