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Soap Spree

Today… YAY… is a busy day here at KeKe 🙂 I bet you can’t guess why?

Ahhh… you guessed it… it’s soap making day here at KeKe Soaps and we’re making swirls by the batch full! With some fun colors from Bramble Berry, like Fizzy Lemonade and Tangerine WOW, we’re mixing up some Lemon Poppy seed and Mango Sorbet flavors today. I’m really excited to make both of these because the colors (see those up above) are SPECTACULAR!

So, I’m off to prep and make some suds. I will update in 24 hours when I unmold my creations.

Crisp Cotton FragranceAnd in other news…

I’m working on a soap recipe to include the new sample fragrance this month, Crisp Cotton. I really do like the soap idea that the Soap Queen came up with, Mermaid Tail, but I don’t want to copy her, exactly. So, I will use this recipe for some inspiration and maybe do something with an ‘after the rain’ appeal.

I’m still educating myself on the recipe process, so it will be interesting to see what I come up with.

#Soapkid off to have some #soapfun 🙂

Enjoy – KM

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