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Coloring Messed Up

So, I’ve started creating the two soaps that I mentioned based on my two dogs, Suki and Akira. And, phooey, neither one turned out as I had hoped.

They’re not bad, but the coloring for Happy Happy Day (based on Akira) turned out muted and almost camo-like, not bright and vibrant. The subtle soap based on Suki, Subtle Rose, didn’t turn out as I had wanted either. I was shooting for a black and brick red, but my activated charcoal turned gray and the bars have white specks… maybe air bubbles.

So with the muted coloring, I’m 99.9% sure that I need to add MORE pigment to each color. And I really thought I banged as many air bubbles out as I could, guess not, so back to the creation board. They both still smell awesome, so I’m sure I can discount them to sell, but I will continue to work on the recipe.

#soapkid off to have #soapfun…

– KM

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