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Finally… a TIGER swirl

I’ve tried and failed … a lot! This soaping thing has really been a challenge, but a challenge that I’m up for! And I’m now definitely a believer in practice makes perfect because…

I FINALLY GOT A TIGER SWIRL TO TURN OUT!!!! See that image up there 🙂

Well, if you’ve some of my past posts you know that I’ve had some issues getting soap to turn out, especially my Happy Happy Day, created from puppy inspiration. I went back to the drawing board (hehe) and decided to make the colors stronger and do a different layering in the mold, and I’m happy I did.

The color on this will get darker since the fragrance I used has Vanillin in it, but I’m hoping it will stay a bit vibrant. Not sure what Vanillin is? It’s basically part of vanilla bean extract and can cause anything it is used in to turn dark… over time.

I’m just ecstatic that I finally have a bar that visually looks good!

#soapkid off to have #soapfun…

– KM

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