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Eucalyptus Mint

Hot Process Success

I did it! I made hot process soap!

OK, so maybe it’s not that big of an event, but after yesterday’s clumpy mess, today’s success is one to celebrate. Trust me, imagine crumbly cheese you can put on a salad. That was yesterday’s attempt, so the below fluffy cloud is AWESOME!

Euc Mint HP 1Euc Mint HP 2

This rustic bar of soap is part of my all-natural line, named quite simply Eucalyptus Mint and includes dried mint leaves, kaolin clay, and essential oils of Eucalyptus and Peppermint. It’s definitely a relaxing scent, but a pick-me-up if you need a morning wake-up!

Because the essential oils fast-tracked the soap once I added them, the soap wasn’t too goopy when I added it to the mold, so hopefully the bars won’t turn out crumbly. I’m going to give them a week to harden up and then will give one of the tester bars a cut and see how it does.

If there is no crumble, I will have them to sell on the site soon, so look for them!

Wish me luck!

#Soapkid 🙂

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