KeKe Soaps benefits the National Bullying Prevention Center!

Bullying Prevention Support

If you’ve been to my website before then you know that I was bullied. Being bullied in elementary and middle school is horrible, embarrassing, and something that I blamed on myself. I blamed myself because I was shy and scared, and and I thought I made myself an easy target.┬áBut you know what, being bulliOrange Anti Bullyinged was not MY fault. I did nothing to deserve to be treated that way by other kids in school and the older kids on the bus.

It took a ton of encouragement from family and true friends, and the most important thing… allowing me to be happy with the person that I was. I was perfect then, and perfect now!

Everyone… REMEMBER… you are perfect just as you are! Everyone is different because we each have something unique and special to give.

With the hatred I experienced, I found art. Art became my release and I found myself diving into drawing each night. My art lead me to other creative outlets, one being handmade soap. And through handmade soap, I found my mission… to support anti-bullying education.

A portion of each sale on KeKe Soaps benefits PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. And, during the month of October, which is National Bullying Prevention Month, we are having two fundraising benefits through the sale of a handmade orange cold process soap scented with a fruit-loop like fragrance oil.

You can view the flyer below for more information and to learn how you can support PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

Always… Be You!

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