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Tall and Skinny Shimmy Soap Challenge

For sometime, I’ve been wanting to enter a Great Cake Soapworks monthly soap challenge, and finally this month I took the plunge. Basically, that means I talked my mom’s ears off and she agreed that I should give it a try.

The Soap Challenge is many things… first, a great soaping community support by both encouraging others and being encouraged. Two, it is a great opportunity to learn a new technique that has been inspired by the soaping community, and of course three, it is an opportunity to potentially win some great prizes.

My goal for this month’s challenge was not to be the winner… I’m still learning and my final soaps are not really close, but mainly to learn a new technique and see what I could change up to put my own spin on it. And now that soaping part is over, I can honestly say that it took all the attempts – 3 – to just sort-of get the technique down… there was no putting my own spin on it!

My first attempt, well, at least is came out of the mold…solid. And, it can stand up on it’s own! My only downfall is that it didn’t really shimmy.

My soap batter became really thick once I started to add the micas and from there it was just downhill. The batter would not pour down that sides of the mold like it needed to so instead of a shimmy, I got a more feather-like look. I also mixed my micas differently then I normally do and my soap turned out with spots and bubbles. Oh well! On to attempt number two!

Shimmy 1 Collage

Let’s not talk about attempt number two. Because although this one was more fluid –and I had high hopes for this one– it’s stayed fluid for days and on day four when I removed it from the mold, it was still fluid and flowed all over the counter. I wasn’t thinking of the camera at the time, so didn’t get a picture. I just knew that I needed to get it cleaned up before mom saw it. 🙂

And, so that leads me to attempt number three!

Number three was fluid, my micas mixed well and I was happy. But, three days later as I removed my soap from the mold, my soap didn’t flow everywhere, but it sure was too soft to do anything with! I went ahead and cut just small slivers from one end just so I could share and will let the rest of it set and try to salvage what I can.

Shimmy 3 Collage

Attempt three has a bit more shimmy to it, but way too soft to do anything with it. The small bars I did cut wouldn’t even stand up on their own 🙁

So, there is my first soap challenge! And although my attempts lean more towards fails, I really enjoyed learning this technique. The more that I use and understand, I think I will be able to eventually grasp the technique and eventually add my own flare to it! One thing I have learned about soaping is you must have patience!

Good luck to all the soapers that are part of this month’s challenge!


  • Amy Warden says:

    Way to go, Kealie!! I’m so happy you joined the challenge and put forth your best effort – you are an inspiration to all of us! I would say your third soap was probably perfect in every way – just needed to set up longer. The best way to get quick results with a fluid batter is to either discount your water (which can potentially make your soap set up faster), or force it to gel in the oven. Or you can just use the not-so-quick way and wait longer to unmold. It just takes more patience! 🙂 Thank you so much for participating and sharing your soaps with us! Hope you’ll join us again!

    • #SoapTeen says:

      Thank you, Amy! I really wanted to try a challenge, but I admit that I was a bit intimidated by this technique! There were a lot of moving parts for me, so I’m happy that I just attempted. That is a reward for me 🙂

  • Shaman Lisa says:

    The only way to learn soaping is by doing it over and over and kudos to you for keeping at it. And FYI – I find the feathery effect intriguing! 🙂

    • #SoapTeen says:

      Thank you, Lisa! I appreciate it. I’m glad that the soap at least took some form and didn’t look like big blobs of colors 🙂

  • Valerie says:

    Way to go KeKe! Love all your attempts, love all your colors! Good luck in your soaping future! I see wonderful things to come from you!

  • Debi Olsen says:

    Great job, Kealie! I am so envious that you discovered soapmaking at your young age – you have so much longer to enjoy the obsession than I do! You did a fantastic job on your first challenge and I’m hoping we will be seeing much more from you!

    • #SoapTeen says:

      Thank you, Debi! It was definitely a challenge, but much fun. I definitely will be joining more challenges as I learned a ton and what a great community to learn from.

  • Tatsiana says:

    Little needs to work on technique. Selection of colors stunning! Good job!

  • Soap Lily Soaps says:

    Kealie, You totally get an A+ for effort and the finished soap for #3 looks terrific. It’s a learning process and we are all here because we want to learn new techniques, some are easier than others, but we grow with each challenge. So glad you are joining us, think you will find this group of soapers both kind and generous. Good luck on your soaping career!

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